The History

The History Behind The Book Heritage

There is something magical about old books, something a little more than just the senses where the faint smell of aging paper mingles with the quiet shuffle of pages. Something more than the thousands of books waiting to be held again, to be experienced and to find homes scattered across the world. It is a throwback to an age that’s slowly disappearing in a world increasingly globalized and seemingly spinning faster.

From the invention of printing to the invention of the internet that brought digital content into play, books have undergone a radical change in shape, size, format and the way it is consumed but it is still unable to fully stimulate the tactile experience of a print book. And it is that love to what meets more than the senses that brought us to where we are today; sharing with you all the most valuable books from the biggest bibliophiles in the middle east, one of which is Sir Guy Abela.

Sir Guy Abela (1929-2015) is the author of several poem collections including Caravanes (1983) and Oud (1985). A bibliophile passionate about archeology, he leaves us a rich work marked by a deep sensitivity and an even richer collection of books about the Holy Land and the Middle East passing by Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Syria in different languages and beautiful covers.

“Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library” Walter Savage Landor.

And this is how the idea of The Book Heritage was born; an e-commerce platform featuring more than 5,000 books from prestigious origins. True collectors should be sure to check out our inventory.

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